About me

Welcome to annoyed.dev! A web blog of an annoyed developer.

I am web-developer with 15+years of commercial experience basing myself in Eastern Europe.

My main focus is backend, and with a pinch of a lot else.

I'm not being totally annoyed by web-development, as it is what I do both for enjoyment, fun and, obviously, living. Truth is that with today's wilderness of technology stacks and tooling its easy to obtain head-aches. This blog/website aims to share some bits of my knowledge, skills and findings in a simple, straightforward and concise approach. Passing all those long introductions and nerdy details (which are important to get things right!) who actually nobody reads (which you should too!) and wants a quick result (here, I'm refferring to stackoverflow-driven development).

One might wonder why such naming - annoyed.dev - I have no clear answer for this, since as someone said - "The two most complex issues in software development are naming things and cache invalidation" - the first statement made it's deal.

Apart of day to day web-development occupation my interests cover various technology related topics, some of which would be also worth shared and posted here.

Some other projects to check: